Wow! Time flies! It seems like just days ago we ended the grand banquet and bid our friends goodbye, only to realize we were right back on the busses for Gan Yisroel 5778! Upon arriving on the bus, Rabbi Shemtov spoke to us about the Rebbes view on camp, which was a great preparation for the summer. Just as we jumped off the bus, we could feel the energetic vibe; the Chayus and liveliness, and of course some delicious snacks. We started with an exciting introduction by our dear head staff in the Shul, and concluded the meeting with a grand announcement of our counselors. After being whisked off to our bunks to unpack and then heading to the dining room to eat a scrumptious supper, we bounced right back s in to the Shul for the night activity launch! Oh, you should’ve seen the energy in that room as we sang and danced to this years theme song! Night activity concluded with camps famous MBP system, and before we all knew it, we Davened Maariv, said Kriyas Shema, and headed off to bed to rest up for another unbelievable day in Gan Yisroel. Wow, time really does fly when having fun!