As the shul filled with campers and staff alike there was an excitement in the air…….the campers were told someone had taken material from the arts and crafts… but that turned into a BOG WAR breakout. After all the teams were split up it was time for the generals… Chesky, Shmuly and Beso led the camp in the twelve psukim. When they were about to begin their pep talk, all the staff jumped out from behind the curtain and off the stage for a…….BIVOUAC (OVERNIGHT)!!!!

All the campers and counselors headed to their bunks to prepare their tents, flashlights, sleeping bags, bug spray and marshmallows, then returned to the shul for Mincha.

Once we arrived at the beautiful Never Sink Camping Grounds, the campers started to stretch out and play in the open area.

After we started to unpack and set up our tents, collect wood, and just hang out! Thank you to our dear survival director Yossi Serebryansky for showing us how to make a proper Teepee for our GIANT and SAFE bonfires!

With our counselors toiling over the grills to make us delicious supper we sang and ate and had the best bivouac ever!

Photos by Leivik