By Yehuda “No ‘H'” Fenton

It’s been a truly fantastic week for BMD. We had an inspiring learning class from R’ Baras, a crazy Judgement Night, and an amazing time at Skate Estate. But that’s not all.

BMD finally got to experience their first trip through the Rebbe’s forest and into the new grounds. To the backdrop of a magnificent landscape the Bochurim played baseball, football, and volleyball. With plenty of space, beautiful scenery, and fully developed sports fields, the campers have given this wonderful addition to camp a big thumbs up.

That, however, is far from all. As the games wound down, the campers all headed to the gazebo for refreshingly ice-cold drinks to quench their thirst after a solid hour of game-play. Then, they all sat down to a fully-loaded barbeque. Freshly grilled hot dogs and steaming burgers were brought out. Afterwards, crispy French fries were served as a delicious finish to supper.

As clean up began, a game of camper vs staff baseball game started. Instantly, all the campers were in the field, ready to field the staffs batting lineup. It was an easy 3 outs, staff only getting one man on base. When the campers got a chance at bat they swiftly took control of the game, ending off 3-0.

Head Counselor Shimon Gorkin takes a swing

With that final game, the evening ended. Everyone was very tired, but all can say, staff and camper alike, that it was a delightful experience.