Tuesday morning started out for BMD like any other; regular Chassidus learning class, mezonos before davening and Shacharis. Following Shacharis the Bochurim were shocked to learn that one of their dedicated counselors had a serious rash, for which he had to go home, and would not necessarily be able to return to camp. The day continued as usual with learning classes and sports, but one bunk sans their best counselor.

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During the break following the first learning class the next day, all the Bochurim were told to assemble in the Zal instead of returning to their regular places for the second learning class. In an apparent turn for the worse Tehilim was needed for someone they all knew. But barely a moment had gone by when suddenly the missing counselor walked in! A loud scream of Bunk War was heard followed by the song of “Lo yisa goi el goi cherev” with the whole camp on their feet dancing.  After quiet was regained, it was announced that the name of the war would be: “Milchemes Beis Dovid” “The war of the house of Dovid”, which is what the Rebbe Rashab named all Bochurim, who are fighting to bring Moshiach Ben Dovid. The team names were announced: “Raya Mehema” and “Lama Nigora” – “Faithful Shepherd” and “Why should we lose out”, that the Rebbe is our faithful shepherd who will not forsake his flock, and the fact that we yearn to see the Rebbe again physically. The assembly culminated with the announcing of the Generals, lieutenants and captains, which in a surprise twist were all BMD bochurim instead of the usual counselors. The bochurim would be running bunk war almost entirely by themselves and with only a small amount of guidance from their counselors!

First up on the agenda were the grand theme speeches explaining each team, given by the Bochurim. Following the speeches the rest of day was spent mostly on preparing for the grand plays of each team. The first play presented by team Lama Nigora, was of two brothers separated, with each of their ambition in life to see each other again; paralleling our ambition is, to be reunited with our Dear Rebbe. The second play presented by team Raya Mehemna, was of a Chacham accused of stealing the kings treasure, who then had to run and go into hiding, while his students went around seeking the real culprits in order to clear their teachers name. Wherever they went they remembered their teacher and his guidance which is what lead them to victory.

The next day, the second and final day of bunk war’s exemplified the day’s Hayom Yom: However much work a person puts in, he will not gain more than Hashem wants him to, therefore he should set aside time to learn Torah and do Hashem’s will; the relevance was well taken – the day started with a regular hour long learning class, before any of the day’s activities started. The first thing attended to after learning class was learning the theme songs, which infused each team with the meaning and message of each of their Team. The bochurim then got to work on plans and backdrops, props and costumes for the grand scene.

Lama Nigora was dressed as The “Occupy wall Street” movement, demanding change in the way things are being currently run – referring to our presence in Golus. Raya Mehemna was dressed as American soldiers serving their country abroad, while being constantly guided and encouraged by the Pentagon back home. The message rang clear, just as we Chasidim in Golus are constantly being encouraged by our Rebbe who is still with us giving us Brochos and Koichois in order to fulfill our mission.

The air was alive and electrified with the theme song presentations followed by niggunim and comedy skits. Presented was also a surprise grand skit by our dear dedicated and overworked head staff, – in the original Gan Yisroel Spirit. After a good night sleep and some learning class, the winners were announced amongst much fanfare and water splashing: Raya Mehena!!!  Mazal Tov to the Winners! B”H all the boys definitely gained immensely from this once in a lifetime bunk war experience.

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