We are happy to report that the Bar Mitzvah Division has been a great success. And it just keeps on getting better.

Set in its own little corner of The Rebbe’s Camp, the bochurim of BMD benefit from a slight seclusion from the rest of camp. In addition to Camps packed schedule, Bochurim in BMD get lots more trips, extra BBQs, their own Color War, Pizza, Walmart & Shoprite. BMD even goes on its very own Grand Trip. All of the above, in an environment thats sets the bochurim to higher standard, with the program putting a strong emphasis on learning and chassidishkeit.

The head-staff to lead this years’ amazing BMD:
Levi Weingarten (Flint, MI)
Aba Wolosow (Crown Heights)

Joining them will be an amazing group of caring, Chssisdhishe, devoted, and enthusiastic staff. Together they are sure to give every Bochur in BMD the summer of a lifetime. This is gonna be the best Summer yet!

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