Wow! What an amazing Shabbos it was. From farbrengens and singing to Shabbos competition and MBP it was non-stop inspiration for 26 hours. The week is off to a great start with late nights on motzei Shabbos, to the BMD all-star game where the all of BMD and even regular staff included enjoyed watching a fiercely competitive game with hot-dogs, drinks, and more. BOG WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, what an amazing time it was with plays, skits, songs, MBP, and much, much more. It was announced after a supposed dancing night somehow turned into all the staff charging off the stage, and obviously the campers ” knew it the whole time.”

They were divided into their respective teams and sent off to get  a good night sleep in preparation for the busy day which awaited them. The next day brought about very chayusdik davening and learning all while proudly displaying colored clothing in their team theme. As afternoon approached everyone made their way into the shul where there were 3 plays, all filled with suspense, comedy, and most of all tochen.STAY POSTED FOR MORE ARTICLES AND PHOTO GALLERY                                                                            -BORUCH MOSHE SHERMAN