Tuesday night there was a grand breakout for bog war!!! The 3 teams’ names were yafutzu, maynosecha, and chutzah (red, blue, and green)! The morning started off early with an extra special mishnayos baal peh, with each grade having their own quota, and as soon as each camper finished, got a delicious doughnut that featured the color of their team! Then there was a special lineup, where all the teams said the pesukim together, followed by an amazing shacharis full of chayus! After breakfast, came the incredible theme speeches by a camper from each team, followed by learning classes and a very amusing halacha skit from each team. After the halacha skits, each team had team time to learn and discuss their theme song, and after lunch, the magnificent songs were presented in front of the judges and the entire camp. After leagues and mincha, came the grand play of Maynosecha! Following supper, came the grand play of Yafutzu, and after maariv the grand play of Chutzah finishing off the incredible dirah bitachtonim war of 5781!