The highlight of Bog War were the spectacular plays arrange by each of their respective teams, Navigate to continue reading below to see the full gallery and an explanation of  each of the three team’s plays.

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Theme for Team הוה

The most important thing to constantly realize in our lives, is the task with which we are charged in the current moment. When lacking inspiration, or when faced with a challenge to our Yidishkeit, we cannot afford to approach in any way but head on. We need to be inspired by the mission itself, never losing focus of what it is that we need to be doing. As Chassidim living in this generation in which we cannot see the Rebbe Bigashmiyus, we must focus on carrying out the clear directives which the Rebbe gave us. We must not be affected by the darkness, we know that the Rebbe is here with us constantly, and giving us the Kochois that we need, to do what must be done. Through keeping focused on the present mission, we will reach the ultimate goal, with the coming of the Moshiach Now! (See Lekutei Sichos Chlek Gimmel, Bishalach)

Theme For Team עתיד

From day one of ששת ימי בראשית the entire existence of this world has been for one purpose only, and that is reaching the state of דירה בתחתונים. The entire focus of Yiddishkeit is reaching this goal. In our lives as Yidden and Chassidim we must constantly have our eyes on the Goal in order that we fulfill our mission in the proper way. Living as Chassidim in this generation in which we cannot see the Rebbe, how can we inspire ourselves to continue as Chassidim doing our Avodah? We must constantly focus on the goal. The Rebbe told us that we have the mission of bringing the world to the realization of לתקן עולם במלכות ש-י. When we realize that we are not just working in the present,rather we are working towards a global goal that has spanned generations that will give us the necessary inspiration to continue working towards it. We have to strive for what the Rebbe strived for from Day one of the Nesiyus, that being, the גאולה האמיתית והשלימה Now!

Theme for Team עבר

In fulfilling our mission as Yidden and Chassidim we can be inspired and moved towards our goal only through focusing on our past. “מעשה אבות סימן לבנים”, we must take guidance from those who came before us, looking back on their lives and experiences for inspiration. As Chassidim living in this generation where we cannot see the Rebbe, we must constantly discuss and remember the time in which we were able to see the Rebbe בגשמיות. Reliving the Farbrengens, the Tfilos, the Dollars, all the warmth an inspiration that the Rebbe showered us with for all the years of the Nesiyus, gives us Chayus to live as Chassidim and carry out our Shlichus. In addition, when we remember the warmth and Chayus of those years, the realization thatwe are missing that, will spur us on to reach the Geulah, a time when we will once again see the Rebbe, דא למטה, נאו!.