What an exciting day it was, as campers packed up their sleeping bags, tents, flashlights, and anything else you need to spend the night camping out. They were headed towards the camp site when all of the sudden the bus driver had to make an emergency detour- BOWLING!!!!-

The entire bowling alley was reserved just for camp and with lights music and many bowling games, it was a blast. As thee campers exited the bowling allies there was a surprise snack waiting for them, fresh donuts for every single camper chocolate or vanilla to satisfy everyone. The buses then made their way for real to the campsite ( with no other detours) and we started setting up. First came some football, soccer, and catch on the grassy fields, then came assembling tents and sleeping bags and all the other accessories brought by campers. Once that was all done, dinner was served- delicious hot dogs straight off the grill expertly cooked by our very own counselors and waiters. And for the long awaited moment, the bonfire- there were bonfires for each and every grade with their counselors and general staff joining them in song and marshmellows, quite a moving scene. Beautiful songs and reminiscing went until the wee hours of the morning as the campers made use of their tents and sleeping bags for a few hours before returning back to camp                                                            -Boruch Moshe Sherman