Grand Trip 1

The Staff Play of Camp Gan Israel, 5775, was to take place this past Monday night. At least, that’s what

everyone thought. Posters were put up, scenes rehearsed, backdrops painted, but several scenes into

the play, it was revealed to the astonished campers that this was actually an elaborate breakout for the


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After the excitement abated somewhat, the HCs explained that tomorrow, the entire camp would be

journeying to Camelbeach Waterpark for evening filled with fun.

In the early afternoon, the busses departed. The 2-hour ride on the comfortable coach buses felt much

shorter, as campers studied Mishnayos Baal peh, sang songs, and enjoyed the beautiful views on the

scenic country roads. After a stop in scenic Mountain View Park for Mincha and a picnic supper, the

buses arrived at the water park.

As in previous years, CGI joined with numerous other frum camps to rent out the waterpark, and an

incredible Kiddush Hashem and Kiddush Lubavitch was made, as each and every camper in CGI wore his

yarmulke and tzitzis throughout the trip.

After several safety reminders from the Head Lifeguard, and accompanied by staff members, the

campers entered the park. A plethora of slides and pools greeted them; some as tall as eight or ten

stories. With the wide variety of water activities, there was something for every camper to enjoy, from

the enormous water-playground and wading pool to the thrilling slides.

After hours of fun, the exhausted and happy campers boarded the buses, had a quick snack, and most

fell asleep for the ride back, dreaming, no doubt, of what a great time they had.