Chof Av

It is a memory that is vivid in the minds of those who were zoche to be present: the Rebbe leads a farbrengen on Chof Av, the yahrtzeit of his father, R Levi Yitzchok. Joining the other chassidim are the campers and staff of Camp Gan Yisroel – NY.

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The Rebbe pays special attention to them, asking them to sing a camp song and dedicating a sicha to them. The campers and staff join the Rebbe for Mincha, their lively singing These moments are relieved each year on Chof Av, as the entire camp travels to the A farbrengen was held the night before, during which Rabbi Shemtov addressed the campers, sharing words of inspiration with them. The head counselors also spoke, explaining the privilege each camper has to be a part of this special trip to the Rebbe. The next morning, following Shacharis, each camper wrote his own Pan – a letter to the Rebbe.

Busses were boarded, and the atmosphere was one of joyous solemnity. Upon reaching the Ohel, the campers and staff entered in groups, each one reading his Pan and saying some Tehillim. After leaving the Ohel and a quick snack, they proceeded to 770. Mincha was davened with a shturem, singing Ashrei, Al Tira, and songs. The campers and staff boarded the busses to return to camp, fervently hoping that next Chof Av we will be together with the Rebbe and see him b’eynei bosar, with the coming of Moshiach, may it happen speedily in our days.