As soon as Color War was broken out the excitement rose to the skies. The generals were announced, and the shirts were led in amongst the hundreds of campers cheering, and the atmosphere was unreal. Everyone got to work quickly. The song was taught with smashing Chayus, the skits were preformed, and the plays were being prepared for. As the curtains were drawn, the campers watched in awe at the amazing Toichen packed plays of each team! The next day was jam packed! The Grand Sing prep lasted all day long, from costumes and props, to building and performance! It was sure one to remember! There was a magnificent life-sized replica of the Beis Hamkidosh, and the Kohanim (The Staff) Walked out through giant mock copper doors. Next they lit the Menorah, and led a real sheep onto the Mizbeach! The general came out dressed up in Kohen Gadol garb leading his team into loads of energy. The next team was construction workers. With real life sized tractors and cranes,  and their creative orange logo emblemed vests, they led their general out from- yes- a Porta-Potty, and the performance was hilarious! The night lasted long with inspiring singing and Achdus that was indescribable. After a snack of delicious donuts and some memorable Grammen, color war concluded and is sure to be one to remember!