As the campers started adjusting to the bustling camp schedule, they were assigned to their learning classes in which they immediately started learning with some of the best and most dedicated learning teachers out there.

As the day went on the bunks played each other competitively in every type of sport, from hockey, to football, soccer, basketball and volleyball. A spontaneous game of duck, duck, goose went on during snack time, during which the campers  were served chocolate chip cookies and ice cold milk. As dinner came around the campers of the 6th grade division were invited to a surprise BBQ, with expertly grilled foods, freezing cold drinks, and professional service, served to them by their very own counselors and learning teachers. As day 2 came to a close the whole camp joined together in the main shul for a very exciting ( and hilarious) IHE- in house entertainment- where a world renowned ventriloquist delivered a spectacular and audience-capturing show, joining the whole camp, campers and staff included in rolling laughter as he performed amazing tricks and feats tying it all in with amazing humor.  GOOD NIGHT GAN YISROEL and STAY TUNED FOR MORE ARTICLES IN THE UPCOMING DAYS.