Camp started with a bang as the buses rolled away from Eastern Parkway on Wednesday morning as the campers headed off to the best summer in their life.
As they came into camp, they were greeted by warm smiling faces, and scrumptious danishes and cold milk, after which they headed into the shul for head counselor orientation and then divided into their respective bunks, where they were sent to unpack and meet their counselors (who are BTW, the best counselors camp ever had.) With a delicious dinner of (you guessed it) chicken and rice, they ate up and headed off to night activity where they were entertained by hilarious videos. Gan Yisroel’s first lights out went flawlessly as the campers settled into their beds after an exhausting day of fun. GOOD NIGHT GAN YISROEL and stay tuned for more exciting activities in the upcoming days.
~Boruch Moshe Sherman

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