Six Flags

In most camps, the day after Color War is a lazy day, with not much going on. But Camp Gan Yisroel-NY isn’t “most camps”, and the day after Color War was far from lazy. Early in the morning came the exciting annoucement that the Grand Trip would be taking place that very day, and grand it was.

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Right after Shacharis and breakfast, the campers and staff boarded luxurious coach busses for a comfortable ride to Six Flags New England. While on a typical day the lines can stretch for hours, that was not the case here, as the park was rented out and the campers wasted no time waiting. The lines were short, the rides exciting, the weather great despite gloomy forecasts. Basketballs and stuffed toys were won, pesukim said, and cheers sung. After a long and enjoyable day, a picnic supper was enjoyed, the busses boarded, and the way back was filled with exciting recounting of the incredible time that everyone had.