This year, Mishnayos Ba’al Peh (MBP) in Camp has taken on a whole new level. Like every other year in CGI, each morning campers have the opportunity to wake up a bit earlier and attend Cocoa club in the Shul. Campers have time to learn Mishnayon Ba’al Peh and are rewarded with a hot cup of delicious cocoa. Unlike previous years, this year there is new ‘revamped’ program, the more mornings a camper attends the more ‘points’ he receives, this in turn results in the camper going up in rank, with each rank offering more benefits. The program also has the added incentive of being completely effort based and streamed according to the different abilities of the campers.

Besides for each weekday morning, Shabbos also features an afternoon MBP program with special coupons awarded for Mishnayos learnt, which can be redeemed in the MBP Shabbos ‘store’.

In an unprecedented move, this year campers as well as parents are able to track the Ba’al Peh progress with a unique ‘cloud based’ MBP app. The benefits are obvious with parents ‘back home’ and campers on site being able to monitor their progress.

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