Roller Skating, Water Slides, Mini Golf and Laser Tag (Fifth and Sixth Grade Division Trip)

Another week, another day, annd of course another trip! The fifth and Sixth grade division went on an unbelievable trip with many different parts! Firstly, the campers enjoyed a giant skate zone with flashing colorful lights, and the choice of roller skates, or blades! They played many games, from limbo, and a serious competition, to just simply skating, it was truly amazing! The next part of the trip were two three story high waterslides with insane drops and twists, that ended with a completing soak! The campers were even given cold water bottles during a heat wave between switching to the next activity which was mini golf! Boy was it competitive! Finally, there was unlimited laser-tag, which was definitely a highlight of the day! The trip ended with a scrumptious BBQ, Mincha, and then they were off to the busses back to camp.  Night leagues was also launched, which was an original change to the daily agenda! What a great way to start off this week in CGI!