These past days have been jam packed!

We played an extremely difficult game of zoom for night activity. Night Activity Directors Zeesh and Shpeegz displayed a zoomed up picture on the screens in the Shul of a specific staff member, or specific location in Gan Yisroel, as we all had to guess who or what the picture was of (eyes, beards, smiles, arms, signs?!?!). A member from each team was chosen to be the official  ‘Guesser’ as they hit a buzzer when they where sure that they were correct!

Next we had our inspiring weekly rally, as we said Psukim, watched a Rebbe Video, and answered questions to be entered into an awesome raffle! Mazel Tov to the winners of the great quality earphones, and the two unbelievable drones! The winners surely deserved this after their hard effort!

The Scavenger hunt was next, and boy was it crazy! We were told to bring boxes of rocks to the PA office, this weeks Chayeu (Cuz of course, learning never ends!) and even call a mystery number! We all ran from place to place trying to find everything on a pretty long list, hoping to make our team win first! It was truly a blast!

Finally we concluded with an insane experience. Sixth Grade was told to head over to the guest dining room for a surprise Mivtzah event. Bewildered we dashed over there to find the room completely dark yet flashing with colorful disco lights, and streamers! Each plate had a wrap on it, and we all got to go up to the buffet and chose what we wanted for our delicious fajitas! The event was a tremendous experience, which was definitely well deserved for those lucky campers who did the Mivtzah! What a way to end another fantastic day in Gan Yisroel!