The tension was high and the pressure on in Camp Gan Yisroel with a special group of a select few older campers were lined up at the starting line. Cheering them on was a large group comprised of the younger campers. The challenge, to complete an athletic triathlon race raced aptly name; The Gan Izzy Great Race.

The countdown began and they were off, First they had to run around the Shule, then on to the path down to Siberia, after that it was off to the baseball field. Coming down the hill there was a line of bikes parked in a row, but only for the first twelve campers ahead of the game. After a short ride in the Rebbe’s forest the bikers arrived at the lake, where another sight awaited, only eight life jackets were up for grabs. The eight contestants split up in three boats with each boat together with its passengers now situated inside them racing forward to pick up the flag on the opposing side.The race finally concluded with the athlete’s running back to the finish line where a resounding crowd cheered them to on victory. All in all a lot of fun and a great activity.

This great activity would not have been possible without the help of a very special family in Toronto.

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