“Cleanup, Cleanup, Everybody Do Your Share, Cleanup, Cleanup, Get Ready Because Visiting Day is Here!” This morning we woke up bright and early davened & started cleaning up. We all made sure to look our best in order to impress our parents. 11 AM hit & parents came rushing in, campers & their siblings were having fun all around. Canteen was going wild with milchige dishes in the AM & fleishige dishes off the grill in the PM. Some families stayed to have fun on the grounds, while others went to nearby bungalow colonies or towns to spend their day. At the end of the day parents said goodbye to their sons & the campers sat down for supper. After that we enjoyed some night activity & headed off to bed. We have a very big week prepared for us, so make sure to be on the lookout for new posts.

Photos by: Mendel Young