As the flag was raised, and Psukim were recited with such energy, the whole Gan Yisroel could feel that it was going to be a memorable day! The first Shachris was smashing, and so was Benching after an amazing hot breakfast. The Chayus just flowed from one part of the day to the next! Learning classes started with a bang as all the campers gathered excitedly to listen to the Learning directors speeches, and to be split up into classes with unbelievable learning teachers. Activities kicked off with a hockey game in the shul, baseball, soccer, football and  basketball in the camps brand new courts! Before everyone knew it all campers headed to the Shul for Mincha and then the dining room for dinner and were told about a special night activity in the Shul. Bewildered everyone ran in to find a special in house entertainer, and comedian John Pizzi who kept the entire floor rolling with laughter from beginning to end with his hilarious sense of humor and comical puppets, not to mention an actual staff member that was used as one… And then Maariv and Kriyas Shema was recited and honestly it’s fair to assume all the campers crashed as soon as their heads hit their pillows.