What’s CGI’s daily morning schedule? Well, at the crack of dawn our dedicated MBP director starts making the cocoa for Cocoa Club as campers slowly arise, recite Modeh Ani & start heading off towards the square to get tested on the daily Tanya qouta. After Cocoa Club, we all lineup with our bunks by the flagpole, recite the 12 Pessukim & raise the flag of Camp Gan Yisroel to the tune of Ani Maamin. From there we head to the Shul to daven Shacharis with much fervor. After Tehillim we gather in the dining room for a nutritious & delicious breakfast. After Bentching we head back to our bunks for cleanup & that’s how you start off a great day at Camp Gan Yisroel! 

Photos by: Mendel Young