Have you ever wondered what to do in those Chas V’Sholem moments? What happens if you see someone have a seizure? The person next to you on the subway goes into cardiac arrest? For most of us, these ideas are so terrifying that we don’t dare contemplate them. But not for our head lifeguard, Levi Pekar. For his incredibly varied list of jobs, these formidable questions can be every day concerns.

That is why he has agreed to give a fascinating and informative first-aid course to the entire BMD. Culling from an encyclopedic source of knowledge, the Head lifeguard is providing the campers of BMD with a wide scope of safety and health tips. From bug bites and minor scratches, to how to save someone who has suffered a spinal injury, the course trains the bochurim to react well in emergency situations.

After an illuminating preface in which he described the importance of knowing when to react and when not to, he continued by outlining proper procedure in emergency situations. This description included everything from the initial evaluation of the victim to the the actual procedure for minimizing damage and actually saving lives.The opening class stayed engaging throughout, with colorful tidbits thrown in concerning everyday health and detailed descriptions of the causes of the various illnesses described.

He ended off leaving us all thirsting for more, throwing in tantalizing tidbits of the upcoming courses in the series. The lifeguard informed us that we will be continuing into the minutiae of specific emergency situations and the proper response in each one of these cases. We all look forward to the continuation of this series, and eagerly await the chance to feel more proficient and secure in the world around us.