What a day we had! It all started when our counselors told us we would be going bowling…”BOWLING who wants to go bowling we thought, that’s for the regular camp. But when we got there we realized there is bowling…And then there is bowling with Gan Israels BMD. We danced around the lanes and sang songs and played our hearts out,and with our counselors pumping the crowd with excitement it was a real blast.

After this very exciting bowling trip we all boarded the buses to head back to camp…. “Hey MR. BusDriver camp is the other way, where are we going??!!!”
That’s when we pulled up to Liberty Pizzeria! We munched and crunched on delicious pizza and french fries and cooled off with refreshingly ice cold sodas!!!!
After this, and after that delicious lunch we finally headed back to camp for mincha. But wait! The excitement didn’t end there either, after mincha we trekked to the new grounds for sports and a BBQ!