Sunday afternoon saw all campers gathered in the Shul for an urgent address by EMT Shmuli Klein. Apparently someone had broken into the infirmary and stolen Shmuli’s radio, the very radio that Shmuli had given sweat, blood and tears to earn the right to carry it.

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Shmuli was giving one chance for the offender to turn himself in, or else he would roll the security cameras and inform the entire camp of the offender’s identity. Silence overtook the shul as everyone wondered who could stoop so low to do such a terrible thing. A few moments passed and with no one coming forward, Shmuli had no other choice but to turn to the moment of truth presented in the medium of surveillance camera footage. The grainy black and white footage started playing, video timer rolling forward when suddenly the Grand Trip ‘walked’ in! The shul went wild, staff burst into the shul and campers were told to quickly prepare for the grand trip by getting the necessary gear and meeting at the back of Camp to board the buses in only fifteen minutes. Fast forward fifteen minutes and the entire camp were waiting at the back entrance of camp for the buses to arrive. The first bus pulled in, made a left turn and… revealed to the entire camp a huge BOG War sign! It had been a ‘fake out’ it was really the BOG War breakout. Campers were quickly told to gather in the shule and the proceedings began.

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