Bog War1

“All campers to the Shul, all campers to the Shul” blared the P.A. this Wednesday afternoon.

they said Tehillim for a missing camper, and listened to EMT Shmuly Klein who spoke about the

importance of safety and then suddenly BOG WAR!

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Somberly, There was no missing camper after all, but one of

the best times in camp had begun. Over the next day and a half, the three teams, Shoroshim, Eitzim, and

Peiros presented skits, songs, speeches, and plays explaining their team theme; Shoroshim- roots:

Kabolas Ol- the root of avoda; Eitzim- trees; the person’s own kochos-potential; and Peiros- fruit; what a

After teams were split, the “shirts” – leaders of each team, including a General, 2 Lieutenant-Generals,

and a Captain – were introduced, and the War was on. Davening, bentching, even sports took on a new

chayus as the judges carefully marked points for each activity. Following supper, each team presented

their scavenger – a comedic skit, and then their Halacha skits, which acted out the implications of a

The following day began with Tanya Ba’al Peh, as each team strove to gain the most points for

completing – or exceeding – their quota. Lineup took place in the square, followed by an especially

enthusiastic Shacharis. The theme speeches were presented after breakfast, with points earned for

clarity and toichen. Following learning class, each team had “team time”, a chance to learn their theme

song in preparation for presenting it, which occurred after lunch. All the while, staff members from each

team were hard at work behind the scenes, writing, drawing, painting, building, and rehearsing to make

their play the best that Gan Yisroel has ever seen. Following rest period, the plays began.

The play of team Shoroshim was set in 1930’s Boston, and centered on a Jewish detective learning that

even without a logical explanation, the Mitzvos must be kept. Team Eitzim’s play was set during the

Revolutionary war, and re-enacted the true story of two Jewish brothers whose intelligence-gathering

mission was crucial to the United States’ victory. Set in Europe during WWII, team Peiros’ play depicted

the story of Oskar Schindler, the righteous gentile who selflessly saved the lives of over 1100 Jews

On Friday, amidst much fanfare, the winner – Shoroshim – was announced.