In honor of the 60th year since the establishment of Gan Yisroel Parksville, the camp held an outstanding reunion where counselors and campers came together, once again, indulging in Achdus. The live music and exiting magician helped entertain the campers as they ate their scrumptious meal, consisting of delicious pizza, fries, soda and nosh.

The campers were honored with the presence of Rabbi Shemtov, who spoke about the Rebbe’s personal interest in Gan Yisroel Parksville and the importance that the Rebbe placed on making Hakel gatherings. Additionally, the 12 pesukim were recited by the campers with tremendous enthusiasm and excitement.

Every camper eagerly received a complementary custom-made water bottle, with the Gan Yisroel Parksville camp logo, and a camp journal. Additionally, the camp organized a picture booth, where campers had the opportunity to take pictures with their councilors and friends.

To end off the evening, the campers watched a professionally made video presentation of the Bar Mitzvah Division (BMD), followed by a grand raffle including an electric scooter, Ipod Touch and many more prizes.

A massive thank you to the director, Rabbi Yossie Futerfas, for his tremendous devotion to each individual camper and staff member and to his absolute dedication to Camp Gan Yisroel Parksville.

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