The dining room was packed yet the room was silent. Over 300 campers sat all together with one mindset- To connect to the Rebbe on their own level. With pens in their hands they wrote their wishes and dreams in honor of the special day of Chof Av. On the bus, Rebbe videos were played with was a great Hachona for the Ohel. Upon arriving, The campers went into one of the tents were we recited the 12 Psukim, and sang Nigunim and Camp songs. It was so amazing to be in the radius of the Rebbe and have all of his children go Gan Yisroel sing simultaneously. After going into the Ohel the busses headed straight for 770 were we Davened Mincha and sang some more. It was such a beautiful trip and it is fair to say that the Rebbe was looking down at his children smiling.