In preparation for the awesome day of Chof Av campers partook in a rally in camp where there was an animated video about the important significance and meaning of the day, as well as what should be done and how. They also heard a few sichos from the Rebbe regarding his father- R’ Levi Yitzchak’s yartzheit. Later that evening campers were given pens and papers to write a פ”נ to the Rebbe, after a short talk by Rabbi Barris on his personal experiences with the Rebbe by Chof Av.

The next morning all campers were strongly encouraged to go to mikvah before going to the Ohel. As the buses pulled up at the Ohel camp went straight in, in shifts divided by grade. Once they came out they were served lunch as eating was kept to a minimum before the Ohel. The whole entire camp then made their way to Crown Heights where they davened a shturemdik’e mincha in 770. Afterwards the campers got back onto the buses to head back to camp after a sincere day of self reflection and kedusha- what a Chossid does on a Yom Depagrah.                                          – Boruch Moshe Sherman