After the teams were split up and the generals announced (Generals Shazi Perman and General Avremi Wolf!), we were underway with the best Color War ever. Heading to the dining room (which was transformed into a battle ground of  Red vs Blue) for lunch we munched on piping hot pizza and drank ice cold orange juice. ” Attention Gan Israel make your way for the Team Scavengers!” The dining room split up into 2 sides and the benches were lined around a stage, then we sat quietly waiting for the hilarious scavengers to begin.

Once the scavengers kicked off it was non stop laughing with Lt. General Chesky impersonating various members of the head staff on a lie detector. The fun continued with the next scavenger, a group of random people Shteible Hopping together! (ok so theres a rabbi, a rock star, and a airplane, they walk into a bar……ahahahahahah)

Stay tuned for many updates throughout Color War!