Clour War

For some, this is the reason they come to camp. For everyone, it is a highlight. Color War in Camp Gan Yisroel-NY.

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It started early Sunday morning, as each bunk thought they were getting a special runaway. Upon the vans’ beeps, the entire camp converged on the baseball field and Color War was on.

The two teams were “Lichyos” – to “live with the Rebbe” – to bring his teachings into our day-to-day life, and “Tzimaon” – the thirst that each chossid has to be reunited with the Rebbe. As always, Mishnayos Ba’al Peh was an integral part of Color War, with points awarded for each camper who completed his quota. Each team conveyed its theme with Halacha skits, humurous “scavengers”, songs, and plays. One play was set in an Oriental monastery, as a child who was lost there found his way back home. The other was a story of imprisonment and escape, with a message of redemption.

The Grand Sing took place the following night. The Shul was transformed, as elaborate props and tall bleachers were set up. The teams dressed up as musicians and Olei Regel – pilgrims visiting the Beis Hamikdosh. Each team sang their theme song , humurous skits and songs were presented, and memories created that will last for years to come.

….”And the winners are….. Team Tizmaoin!” and boy did it get wet out here….