The first Shabbos of the summer has come to an end, and what a Shabbos it was! On Erev Shabbos, after

the second activity, the campers were dismissed to their bunkhouses for cleanup. There was time to call

home and prepare for Shabbos and then came bedside inspection. Following a special Erev Shabbos

learning class came a lebedike Mincha and Kabbolas Shabbos.

Seudas Shabbos in camp is a truly memorable experience. After a delicious meal, the tables are cleared

and song sheets distributed. Reflective melodies are followed by joyous singing and dancing, and is a

memory fondly looked back to for years to come.

In Gan Yisroel tradition, many of the aliyos were “sold” for lines of mishnayos ba’al peh to be studied by

the bunk with the winning bid, who then honored a staff member with an aliyah. Following Krias

Hatorah, Rabbi Shemtov addressed the camp. With great feeling, he gave over the message that the

Rebbe sent for the first Camp Shabbos ever, in 5716. An inspired Mussaf and seudas Shabbos followed.

After rest period, the day concluded with learning classes, Mishnayos Ba’al Peh, and shalosh seudos.

After Ma’ariv, the winners of Shabbos competition, who will go on a special trip, were announced.

The camp spirit that is present throughout the week is especially prevalent on Shabbos, as the singing

by each seudah, davening with chayus, and Mishnayos Ba’al Peh energizes the entire camp.