The last few weeks have been very busy in the Gan Yisroel Elite Program, below we present you a small recap:

Week 5 of camp the focus was on Ahavas Yisroel. The week began with the usual Gan Yisroel Elite assembly which included a phone conference with Rabbi Aryeh Kaltman, shliach to Columbus Ohio. Rabbi Kaltman spoke of the importance of Ahavas Yisroel and how the Rebbe exemplified this. Week 6 focused on the role of a Chossid and the hiskashrus that one needs to maintain by learning the Rebbe’s Torah, a special video was shown mentioning these points. Finally this week, Week 7 begins the a focus on Tefillah. Several videos were shown about the importance of Davening and how the Rebbe davened, extra points will be awarded for those who make sure to put extra effort into their davening.

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