What an amazing trip it was. It started with the whole BMD charging into the dining room announcing the trip to the rest of camp. The campers packed up for what was about to be the best trip of their life. As luxurious coach buses rolled into camp the campers lined up eagerly as they were assigned their buses by bunk. The buses took us to Massachusetts where we arrived at 6 flags, New England.

The first part of the trip was to the waterpark where the campers went on many different slides and rides ( all part of 6 flags). Camp then left the park and was dismissed outside the park where the hard-working waiters were serving deli sandwiches with chips and drinks. When dinner was over everyone was sent back into 6 flags but this time to the roller-coaster park where in groups the whole entire camp had a blast, whether on the crazy roller-coasters, the arcades, or the calmer rides. At midnight we left the park and boarded the buses back to camp after an exhausting day of fun. Let us not forget the incredibly dedicated ECAD’s Yisroel Cohen and Avremi Katz who made this trip possible. Thursday brought about the winners of BOG war, where the judges jumped into the pool as they announced the winning team of red. STAY POSTED FOR MORE ARTICLES AND PHOTOS                                                                                                                                                        -BORUCH MOSHE SHERMAN