Wow it’s already Thursday, time is flying by so fast. What a crazy few days it has been, davening, sports, learning, and much more.

In between drops campers have been enjoying all that has been prepared for them by our devoted staff.

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Teams were split up, captains were chosen, players were drafted, and this year’s sports season has officially begun, and what a beginning it was.

Yud Beis Tamuz arrived and to celebrate Rabbi Shemtov Farbrenged with the staff relating to them the privilege and responsibility they have working in the Rebbes camp.

After much work staffs were shown appreciation by the directors with a delicious salad bar and an amazing program was prepared.

Earlier on in the week a new program was introduced to the campers called “Gan Yisrael Elite” which aims on motivating the campers to add in their good behavior, Midois Toivois, Davening and much more. By filling out a weekly Duch they will be promoted from rank to rank with many rewards on the way.