cginewyorkWe had a smashing BOG War here in Gan Yisrael NY, and now that it’s all over, we’ll do a quick summary.

Breakout, Teams, Generals, Scavengers, Mishanyos Baal Peh, Theme Speeches, Skits, Songs, Plays, Winners!

What, more? Okay, okay.

After breakout (I knew it the WHOLE time!) the campers were split into 3 teams for Cholent War! The teams were Potatoes, Beans, and Meat – wait, that wasn’t it. Chitas War!! Yeah, now I remember. The teams were Chumash, Tehillim, and Tanya. No really, that’s what they were. What, I make one joke and now you don’t believe me any more? Fine, be like that! The Generals and Lt. Generals were announced as follows:

For the team of Chumash, General Levi Pekar and Lt. General Berel Kesselman
For the team of Tehillim, General Eli Loebenstein and Lt. General Sholom Brook
For the team of Tanya, General Mendel (Beso) Blesofsky and Lt. General Moshe Denburg

Then they all gave speeches. I LOVE speeches! What, you don’t? What’s wrong with you?

After that there was Mincha, Dinner, and then, scanvengers! There were some crazy scenes there, like Jewish Star and the DMV. It was all very funny and after 6 amazing scavengers we davened Maariv and went to bed.

Next day, we got up extra early to learn Mishnayos Baal Peh because there was lot’s of candy for those who did quadruple quota – just kidding! See, I got you again! The real reason is that camp was very short on Fresh AirTM.

Then we went to breakfast after which there were Theme Speeches (videos coming soon!). Then it was back to the Shul for Halacha Skits. Campers were taught the amazing and inspiring and emotional and… ok I’m getting carried awaytheme songs! After Mincha, everyone piled back into the Shul for the plays. They were a real exciting bunch, taking us from the War of 1812 to 1940’s underworld, to The Very Scary Black Magic Cult That’s Really Scary…. and Scary. With Shadows.

The next by the swimming pool, no one moved and no one stirred… as the Judges announced the WINNING TEAM OF TANYA!!! I MEAN CHUMASH!!! No really, it was Chumash. Followed immediately by Staff Swim.