Last night our dedicated staff were treated out to an amazing event.
After coming down from their bunks or from preparing another fun filled day in Gan Israel our staff and counselors made their way to the soccer field, and what awaited them were two long tables and a third table with stacks of little Dip cups filled with a variety of dips from chimichurri to garlic mayo (and…pesto, sweet chili, jalapeno, peanut Thai sauce etc). Everyone took their seats and the waiters starting coming out with these really cool cups filled with regular and spicy french fries. Each staff member was given a big cup of fries and was then directed towards the Dips Buffet table where he was to chose any dips he wanted.

After the dust settled from the charge to the Dips line the waiters were again seen in view holding more trays,  “MORE FRIES??!” asked a full staff member. The answer was No, the waiters were holding trays of Rib steaks for all the staff members with really awesome steak knives.  (Don’t worry that full staff member wasn’t full anymore)!

On behalf of Camp Gan Israel we would like to give a special THANK YOU to all our dedicated and devoted staff who work tirelessly throughout the summer.

Thank you!