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A riveting story of courage, sacrifice and true love for one’s nation: Mar Zutra II, the Reish Galusa rebelled against the Persian King Kadavh with the help of his uncle Rav Chanina. Through incredible danger and sorrow the rebellion is successful which leads to several years of prosperity and peace. However this was short lived as assassination attempts and the murder of Rav Chanina begins a large scale war. Death, destruction and catapults amongst other reasons eventually cause Mar Zutra II to give himself up to save his people. But this only comes after a moving speech on love of God regardless what he does or doesn’t do. Ultimately Kadavh exiles him instead of death and thus ended the last of the Jewish Kingdoms.

The play was written and produced by Levi Pekar together with the amazing staff of Gan Yisroel including but not limited to;

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Production: Avremi Baron and Yissachar Shollar

Script: Mendel Neuwirth

Directed by: JJ Hecht, Leible Vogel, Leible Muchnik, Chaim Shemtov, Meir Guigue and Shimon Deitch

Props: Moishy Denberg, Mendel Sorkin, Yakov Gurkov and Mendel Futerfas

Armoury: Zalman Denberg and Mendy Baron

Costumes: Menachem Cohen and Hershy Weinstein

Backdrops: Chaim Chadakov, Baruch Shpigelman, Benny Yerushalmi and Mendel Vogel

Music: Mendel Rappaport

Lights/Sound: Yisroel Cohen

Logistics: Mendy Soffer and Chaim Levilev

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