Yesterday the campers of Nod had a real treat, The AMAZING RACE!

Oh, you don’t know what the AMAZING RACE is, allow me to explain.

Basically the campers were split up into 6 teams with 5 kids in each team and 5 challenges . Each team was given clues to figure out and the answer led them to a designated challenge room which a member of the team would have to complete the specified “challenge” before the team can advance to the next stage of the race. The Challenges that were presented were as follows

1. A player must catch 5 black fish out of a bowl of gold fish and place it into another bowl.

2. A player must crack open a watermelon without using his hands and then he may choose another member of his team to help him eat the watermelon.

3. a player must be covered in maple syrup and then covered in feathers to look like a chicken, then he must find 3 eggs hidden around the area and collect them using only his mouth

4. With a cookie placed on the players forehead and stuck with peanut butter he must lead the cookie down his face and into his mouth – without using his hands!

5. Using only his mouth a player must separate 20 raisins and 20 bran flakes from a big bowl of raisin bran.

We had a lot of fun with this activity and wished it never ended but as all great things have so did this.

We would like to give a special thanks to our dearly devoted NOD head Ari Raskin and our dedicated sports director Eli Loebenstein who arranged this activity down to the last detail.