What a crazy 2 days!!

The sixth grade divisions trip was broken out and were excited for a memorable day at Bounce! On the bus the campers thought they were going to a simple place with trampolines and the like, only to discover a massive indoor bounce park with obstacle courses, trampolines of all sizes, ball pits, and basketball hoops! About halfway through the fun the lights suddenly went out. Confused everyone began yelling only to discover that the entire place was rigged with colorful flashing lights, and glow in the dark pieces all over the room. The music picked up, and the campers had a remarkable experience. But that wasn’t all. Head Counselor Sholom Lobenstein took the Mic and announced that there was going to be an insane basketball competition with the four referees from the bounce park, and two of the other staff. The move, the tricks, the excitement was unforgettable! 

Picture this. A giant room, full of walls sky high, everything climbable. Well, thats what fifth grade division expirienced at this amazing rock climbing park! Each camper was harnessed up and hooked on to these mountainous walls, determined to reach the top. It was all about goals. To reach the top, and to not give up. To try, and succeed, and have a blast wile at it! The trip concluded with an extremely competitive game of Tug of War! First it was only campers and then it was the legendary Staff VS. Campers game! It was a tie game, and loads of fun!

Both trips concluded with a luscious dinner at the pizza store, Maariv, and Kriyas Shema, and about 150 heads that hit their pillows as soon as they went into bed!

All thats to be said is, WHAT A DAY!!!