The 2nd visiting day was enjoyed by all this past Sunday. In a Gan Yisroel first, beautifully designed colorful maps of the campgrounds were made available at the entrance to camp, together with complementary bottles of water and a special edition camp newsletter. The map also outlined a special schedule which was enjoyed by visitors and campers alike.

First up was the latest camp video, which depicted the daily events of camp with a humorous twist. Next was a heated Klooger all-star game held in the shul, in which campers competed against each other on material learnt in learning class. Just after 1:00 the various different rides and attractions opened up with a short while later the option of going on a boat ride in the lake also made available.

Following lunch was a grand baseball game on the hill played by campers and staff alike.  As the day went on, camper’s and their families were seen relaxing around the campsite, some of them enjoying a delicious bite from canteens expansive menu with others taking the time to leave the campgrounds to venture to nearby food outlets or bungalow colonies.

It seemed like only mere moments had gone by before it was time to exchange goodbyes as visiting day drew to a close and camp resumed its normal schedule.

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