Sunday was such a blast as campers were reunited with their parents, as they showed them around the beautiful grounds of Gan Yisroel. With plenty of great food, drinks, and activities campers and parents had a great time. A carnival was brought to camp with moon bounces, dunk tanks, and more.

As visiting  day came to an end and campers said their last goodbyes, camp returned to regular schedule, with night activity, maariv, and lights out. Later that night all the campers were told that there was going to be a camp picture- in the dark- what they were not expecting is that as soon as everyone was set up for the shot, an incredible fireworks show broke out right in front of them.

Exactly 60 years from Sunday in 1957 the Rebbe visited Gan Yisroel and had a farbrengen for all the campers, staff, and Chassidim in the nearby areas. The Rebbe also took a tour of the camp grounds inquiring in great detail about every aspect of camp. Stay posted for more articles and photos.
– Boruch Moshe Sherman