Monday was a blast as the whole entire camp shift by shift made there way to roller skating. Tuesday brought to camp an amazing show by Adam Realman where he performed feats of tremendous strength, such as ripping a phonebook in half, or swallowing  a 19″ sword. In between all of this were fantastic food events from waffles and ice cream,  to sub sandwiches, and chicken wraps.

With a hilarious night activity of call-your-mother-night BMD was rolling with laughter as they had to try and match their answers to their mothers’ on questions asked regarding their habits and personalities in hypothetical situations, such as ” how would so-and-so react if they awoke and there was an animal on their bed?”

As the week moved on 6th grade division had an amazing BBQ arranged by our tirelessly working ECADs- ( Yisroel Cohen and Avremi Katz)for 6th grade’s mivtzah. Thursday night brought about the best athletics in BMD as they competed in their all-star game. What another amazing week it was in Gan Yisroel, STAY POSTED FOR MORE ARTICLES AND PHOTOS                                                              -BORUCH MOSHE SHERMAN