First Day of Camp!

The campers departed with the buses outside 770, and were off to camp. On the way, spending quality time with their fellow campers and staff members. Arriving in camp, they were greeted by the counselors with fanfare, excitement, and refreshments.

Then they all gathered in the shul for an orientation on how to have a fun, safe, and Chassidishe summer.

Then came the moment they had all been waiting for with much anticipation, meeting their counselors and being split up into bunks. Their counselors made their grand entrances in myriad of different ways, each expressing their own unique talents and abilities. Then, with the help of their counselors they headed up to the hill with their luggage and unpacked. Afterwards they were treated to a delicious supper.

They were then entertained by a super fun night activity “The Boaz Show”.

Then they headed to their bunks for lights out for the much needed rest after such an amazing and excitement-filled day!

Looking forward to an amazing summer iyh!